At Adventure Reels we have been sharing inspiring adventure films for more than 14 years.  We have seen first-hand the impact they have on people’s lives.  Now more than ever we believe it is important to keep inspiring.  As the founder of the festival and a mother of 2 active kids under the age of 10, I know exactly what it is like to try and balance family, work and inspiration all from inside your home.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the films the Adventure Reels team has put together for you over the next 4 weeks.

You can watch these films in any order and at any time over the coming week, but we have curated the playlist in an order that we think works best.  Why not take turns playing host, reading the film descriptions as introductions and having an intermission half-way through (don’t worry we’ve made a suggestion on where intermission should be too).

We’d love to see photos of your enjoying the films in self-isolation so don’t forget to  #AdventureReelsKids on instagram for us to share with the Adventure Reels community.

So grab a drink, make some popcorn, get your adventure buddies watching at the same time (in their houses) and flick on the surround sound – it’s show time!

Jemima Robinson – Adventure Reels Founder & CEO